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Jameos del Agua - HDR
28 March 2009

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HDR Tree
9 February 2009

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waleprince on The Devil's Church
wat d hell, well is it real.

Benjamin franklin on The Devil's Church
its amazing i would say something i have to visit for once its like painting.

Phil David Alexander Morris on HDR Tree
Ireland has amazing heritage and history, beautiful castles and great homes. Too bad there is no mention of any ...

Kaveh on Bollywood dancers
good light

LaRsNoW on Bollywood dancers - B&W
Hi Ralph, the pictures were taken in my town Castellbell i el Vilar is near Barcelona (Spain). I actually live at ...

Ralph Jones on Bollywood dancers - B&W
I like your dancers series, are they all photographed in Dublin?

LaRsNoW on Train Station - Tiltshift
Hi Ralph, thanks!!! I was really lucky The image is made by 3 RAW images and then using photomatix.. if you zoom the ...

Ralph Jones on Bollywood dancers - Photoshop
I had no idea there are so many Bollywood dancers in Dublin, makes me want to visit to see what other surprises that ...

Ralph Jones on Train Station - Tiltshift
That is great, if it was a test, it is a success. And you caught the train at the perfect time. Is that one Raw image ...

LaRsNoW on Train Station - Tiltshift
Thanks Jamesy.. It was a test and looks really cool

jamesy on Train Station - Tiltshift
wow great effect on this impressive work

LaRsNoW on Train Station - Tiltshift
md: Thanks and yes, it's an HDR + Tiltshift efect. zOOm: Thanks!!!!! Bruno: :) The tiltshift effect is really ...

bruno on Train Station - Tiltshift
Very original shot , like a miniature.

zOOm on Train Station - Tiltshift
Wow ! TS + HDR = very eyecatching image ! That's so intricate ! Well done.

md.Hafiz on Train Station - Tiltshift
wow. rich in colours. moody and dramatic too. is it in hdr?

Mags on Bollywood dancers
Nice picture, well done :)

Claudia on Enemies? Friends?
Is it representative of Northern and Southern Ireland and a hope for friendship? I guess I can stop wondering now and ...

Ralph Jones on Enemies? Friends?
Enemies. As a martial artist you start side by side at arms length right before you spar.

Masoud Nahali on Enemies? Friends?
too symbolic capture, with a great name, I think this is almost peaceful.

Ralph Jones on Alba's present - A cat
That's a nice present. I am sure it will keep giving for many years.

Jared on Carrick-a-rede bridge
Visited there about 12 years ago... brings back memories...

LaRsNoW on Carrick-a-rede bridge
It was really funny!!! :)

Viewfinder on Carrick-a-rede bridge
Looks like fun.

Sarah on Alba's present - A cat
beautiful shot!

Larsnow on Newcastle train station (air) - HDR
Hey, thanks, I used 3 raw pictures and photomatix softwer + photoshop :)

Larsnow on Newcastle tower
Thanks so much, I made 3 pictures and then used photomatix to join them, photoshop to correct the levels and finally a ...

Anthony Thomason on The Hunted Hostel
Wow, that's a-lott-a processing! Nice perspective. -Peace

LauraS on The Hunted Hostel
Nicely done. Great effects.

.:::Volodia:::. on Newcastle tower
That's a really cool shot.

Curly on Newcastle tower
I've never seen Grey's Monument looking like this before.

cassiel on Newcastle tower
great use of the fx. Only if the leters can be more clear was a better shot

zOOm on Newcastle tower
Really impressive HDR. How many pictures/expositions for this one ?

Isidro on Newcastle train station (air) - HDR
impresionante HDR total !!!! buen trabajo

Isidro on Christmas Tree at O'Conell Street
Gran foto nocturna! composición de lujo.

Isidro on HDR Sculpture
impresionante!!! parece que este dentro de la pantalla, felicidades por el trabajo.

zOOm on HDR Sculpture
Wow ! Extreme HDR !

Ralph Jones on Newcastle train station (air) - HDR
That's a great photo!

Daniel Herrera Erro on HDR Sculpture

MMC Photos on Newcastle train station - HDR
I like the train series, great job.

MMC Photos on Newcastle train station (air) - HDR
Nice HDR program, may I ask what you use?

Rajesh on The Devil's Church
Marvelous, it looks like a painting.

Vitor Martins on The Devil's Church
Scared and very interesting. Nice processing work.

Dimitrios on The Devil's Church
impressive processing

LaRsNoW on Newcastle train station - HDR
Thank u so much for your comments!!! Abraham --> Nice photoblog, I took a quick look and when I have some time ...

cassiel on Newcastle train station - HDR
Good treatment HDR, give another live

Curly on Newcastle train station - HDR
This old familiar place looks quite odd with the HDR treatment.

Abraham Siloé on Newcastle train station - HDR
interesting treatment, like it, good job!! hope you visit my photoblog!! greetings from México

LM on Jo en el reflex de les ulleres
nice composition

BoB on Belfast Botanic Gardens - Blue Flowers
beautiful macro and lovely bokeh

Sarito on Belfast Botanic Gardens - Blue Flowers
Beautiful & colourful shot.. great DOF!

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